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September 15th, 2007

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The Time Has Come To Move To Blogger

September 13th, 2007

Hi all, this is possibly my last post on this blog.  No I am not giving up blogging I have started a new blog with Google Blogger.  I think this will be more suitable for me and allow me to have more flexibility.

So, what does this mean, simple, the new blog link is Peter Miller My World, it is a bit blank at the moment and probably will be for a couple or three days, I have to get my head around blogger and all of its intricacies.

Hope to see all of you folks soon and hopefully pull a few more, viewers, people, posters in.

ABC Wednesday. H Is For Heverything I Could Put A Twist On

September 11th, 2007

The title says it all, at the moment all my time resource is going into sorting photos out from our last trip. So I thought I would be a tad devious and bend the title truth slightly.

The first photo is one of my hand pointing down from the Calgary Tower to some building a few hundred feet below. I am standing on a glass shelf which I found extremely unnerving.

Could not get as many good shots from here as I would of liked as it was a dull day.

Hand – Copyright By Peter Miller

The second photograph, again taken in Calgary was of one of those urban arty designs which I have called Helter Skelter.

Helter Skelter – Copyright By Peter Miller

The third I have entitled High Up In The Rockies. I consider this to be a fantastic Vista encompassing, land, water, mountains and sky. The colour of the water is due to glacial melt.

High Up In The Rockies – Copyright By Peter Miller

The fourth photo is of the harbour bridges in Vancouver. Plus a little of photoshop experimentation.

Harbour bridges, Vancouver – Copyright By Peter Miller

Thats all folks, except to say I am now totally pi**ed off with the make up of this blog and the amount of effort I have to put into it to get it right, it is not user friendly in the slightest. So I have made my decision I am moving over to blogger and will use this as an archived link. Not sure when put ASAP

Been Having A Think

September 6th, 2007

Looking for some technically minded folk out there.  I have set up a blogger blog because I may change to that.  The reason is because my wordpress blog is hosted by my website provider.  It appears there is little scope to put plug -ins or add ons on my blog.  Does anyone know different to that.

If I use my new blogger blog is it possible to copy the wordpress blog over so I don’t lose any of the material I have put on there.  Would appreciate some help here or else it means starting from scratch.  It does appear though that blogger is more user friendly.

Mike, you got any ideas or do you know of someone that may be of assistance :0)

Blogroll Update

September 6th, 2007

It is 5.30 in the morning, I can’t sleep, my sleep pattern is not yet back to normal.

So, I thought I would update my blogroll with all the kind persons that commented on my ABC Wednesday photographs.

ABC – Wednesday, “G” Is For Glacier

September 5th, 2007

OK, this is my first attempt at this ABC thingy, “G” just happened to come at the right time. As I have seen many glaciers over the last 2 weeks I thought I would share just a few of the many photographs I have taken.

I am not suggesting that these are the best ones I have taken but they are ones that come to hand easily when uploading from my card to my computer.

Just think, if I was still using film, these would probably be developed along with the Christmas 2007 photographs.

In order they are:

01 Harvard Glacier, College Fjord, Alaska

02 Harvard Glacier, College Fjord, Alaska

03 Portage Glacier, Near Whittier, Alaska

04 Portage Glacier, Near Whittier, Alaska

05 Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau, Alaska







The last photograph shows an example of glacial calving, where huge chunks of ice break off the main glacier. This may not look impressive on this photo, you have to be there to appreciate the noise and vision. Some of the ice falling can weigh many tons.

When you are close to the glaciers it is hard to imagine that they are as tall as some of the high rise buildings you see in America.

So there you go, my first attempt, what do you think?

Drawing To A Close

August 31st, 2007

Three or is it four days left, I can’t remember.  Yesterday was Skagway, one of the far out posts in Alaska and the place where the Klondyke gold rush started in 1898.  This place has to be seen, it is like stepping back to that very time.  The original houses still exist and the atmosphere is spoilt only by automobiles and modern clothes.  We went to a wild west show about a guy called Soapy Smith (look him up on Wiki).  He was the number one gangster Mafia type of his time.

The Klondyke and Yukon are approx 500 miles away  from Skagway and the intrepid gold hunters had to endure a mighty struggle to reach the gold in Dawson City.  Of the 100,000 potential gold diggers only about 30 of these managed to keep their loot and make a comfortable life, most of them never made it to their destination having to cross glaciers and snow filled mountains, with the  snow sometimes reaching a depth of 100 feet.

There are no doctors in Skagway, if you are ill, tough sh**.  There is only one major food store and the place is cut off for some months during the winter.

At the moment we are somewhere in the north pacific having recently visited Glacier Bay, an awe inspriring landscape if ever you saw one and we were also duly entertained by a couple of Orcas (not the beasties from Lord Of the Rings), killer whales as you may know them.

Just finished one of my JD and cokes and potentially going for another. The cruise part ends on Saturday, we will be travelling up Prince William Sound and College Fjord tomorrow.  Saturday we will disembark in Whittier and after some sight seeing move on for an overnight stop in Anchorage.  A flight to Vancouver and then back home to good Old Blighty.  Then  a little later a beer or two down one of the locals, probably yours Mike to spin a few yarns and spit into the spitoon.

After that, I, we have to sift through many photos and about 3 hours of film to condense and put together my DVD epic and to upload the photos to Flickr.


Update 28.08.07

August 29th, 2007

We have been on the ship now for 3 days and of course we have got off a coupl or three times.

First stop was Ketchikan, here we visited a first nations village called Saxman, there are approx 400 natives living here some work at the village which is not technically a reserve.   The natives were moved to here from their place of origin, the name of which escapes me at the moment.

We then walked up Creek Street which was originally the red light district of Ketchikan, the original houses still exist and are built on stilts into the creek.  Here you are able to smell the stench of the rotting salmon which have died after spawning and breeding, pleasant!  Besides that it was possible to view thousands of potential breeding salmon tryinjg to swim upstream.

Of course, one has to sample the local brew and this occured at a place called Mike’s Elbow Room, here one could sample the flavour of the beer as well as the flavour of the Alaskan atmosphere.  The brew that was sampled was Alaskan Amber Ale and Alaskan Summer Ale. Both of these are 5% in volume and blow the socks off some of the UK slop.  Mike S don’t tell Mick Broadway!

Obviously we did a few more things at Ketchikan, next stop was Juneau (today).  The first stop was Macauley salmon Hatchery (sounds boring but was in fact quite interesting). Next was the Mendenhall Glacier, a superb example of one of Alaska’s finest tourist attractions and natural beauty spot. Got some great photos and even managed to snap a couple of brown bears, albeit from a fair distance but with the old zoom lens I managed to capture something that looks like a bear.

Next we went to Green Angel Gardens in the Tongass National Forest for a spot of native plant spotting and lunch which consisted of a cinnamon muffin and herbal tea.  Then we went to the Alaskan State Museum for an hour of cultural activity. Of course one, once again,  had to sample another couple of beers in the infamous Original Red Dog Saloon (now in its original 3rd location). Prior to the beer stop we visited the Taku, Juneau Harley Davidson store to top up on some biker clothing (ok ok I know I don’t have a Harley but the clothes are better than the bikes).

Within the next hour we are off to do some whale spotting (primarily humpback and killer whales).  One hopes, one will manage to get some decent photographs.

Next stop tomorrow is Skagway, I will update on this within the next couple of days. Before I say adieu I would just like to mention the weather (as we are British). It has been superb with blue skies and abnormal temperatures for this time of year.

On Board

August 26th, 2007

Finally, we are on the ship, though we did not wish to rush the land part of the tour.

It has so far all been very wonderful with unbelievable scenery and some quick glimpses of the various wildlife that abounds here.

On board we spotted some whales this morning, not sure what they were, killer I think.

First and second day on board will be time to relax before the various excursions we have booked.  First stop tomorrow is ketchikan, can’t remeber what we are doing but will post later.

The weather is good, the food is excellent and most of the people we have met are ok.  Although, some people seem a little wary, specially when I am wearing my bandana and shorts.  That is up to them.  Ok, so I look like a columbian cocaine magnate.

Tata for now.

Wow Factor

August 24th, 2007

Just a few words here, I will update from the ship.

What can I say, it’s all fantastic, the scenery is beyond belief.  Banff, Lake Louise, chairlift, Glaciers, animals, bears, eagles, Jasper, Kamloops, all this and more, friendly faces, friendly people, great food, good beer, fairly cheep and the weather is currently 90 degrees.  Oh yes rafting too, down the Athabasca River.  Also a snow coach ride and a walk on the Athabasca Glacier.

Just got off the Rocky Mountaineer train and currently enjoying a few beers.  At the end of the day you have to experience it to appreciate it.  We are in cowboy country and the music is good too, plenty rock and country rock.

Catch up soon